Have you ever thought about writing a book?

Has anyone ever told you that your life has been so thrilling, you should write a book? Or perhaps someone told you your life has been so jacked up that you should write a book. Or maybe you have so many creative juices flowing through that mind of yours, that you need to write them down on paper (scratch that, this isn’t 1972) and turn those creative juices into a book.

Writing a book can sound like a daunting task. All it takes is that first step. Sit down and start typing something out. That’s what I did. I had that unique story where people would tell me, “you should write a book.” I contemplated it even before people said that, but one day my hubby said to me, “you really should write a book.” That’s all it took. I thought, “Yeah. I should write a book and what’s stopping me?” The only thing that can stop you IS you…..unless there happens to be some unforeseen event that wipes out all of technology along with every pen, pencil, and paper product but that’s like a one in a million chance (probably higher) so stop making excuses!

I sat down in our hodge-podge den of garage sale and IKEA furniture with stark white, contractor’s painted walls. All I needed was to type something into Microsoft Word. It only takes one word to get the ball rolling. I had a vision in my head of what I wanted. Best thing is to make a timeline/outline and work from there. I didn’t do this, at first, but after I started typing and doing some research, I found out that coming up with an outline makes the writing process a little easier.

You can do this. There’s nothing and nobody stopping you so sit down and type a word, a sentence, or a paragraph and watch your book start to happen.

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