I needed help

So, I hired a young woman to help me in my writing process journey. We got along great and she had some good ideas and we started implementing them. She was a journalist, not a book writer and I’m not sure how much that matters but writing a book definitely has a different process than writing an article. She was busy with her journalist job and helping her husband get his business running. My book was more of a side gig that when she found some spare time, would help me out.

She started to help me re-write my book and I was sketchy with the way she started taking it. Instead of a love/war story, she was taking it to a XXX story. That’s definitely not what I had envisioned. She thought it would be better to make it more of a romance novel. I’m thinking, if that’s what people want to read, they can read “50 Shades of Grey.” My story is not that. Sure, I have some more steamy scenes but they’re more like PG-13 steamy, not XXX steamy.

The raunchy twist paired with the fact that my book wasn’t her top priority, meant that I was going to have to cut the cord on this one. It was hard to do because she was a really sweet gal and we got along great but she didn’t have the same vision that I had, for my book. I needed to be honest with her and myself. I didn’t want to waste anymore of her time or my time so, after 7 months of working with her, I called her and told her the news. There were no hard feelings. She understood what I wanted and why I wanted it so we parted our ways and there I was…..back to square one. Now what?

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